Book Switzerland Tour Packages: Be a Part of a Memorable Travel Story with Utazzo

The real identities of Switzerland are its beautiful landscapes and picture perfect destinations. The nation is popular for having connected with many people’s dreams. Switzerland is the land of crystal clear lakes which satisfy the thirst of each type of tourist. It preserves many surprises for inspiring the preference of off-beat trip. Bringing various experiences together for exploring the attractions and the popular places of this tranquil nation, let us design your excellent trip alongside our Switzerland tour packages.

At Utazzo, connecting the intense nature of tourists to their dream places is made possible with our Switzerland holiday packages from India. These are sophisticatedly designed to offer you and your family, the experience you have never dreamt of. Our special Switzerland honeymoon packages offer you and your life partner a great holiday trip. This terrain’s geographical significances are noteworthy and you can explore them alongside any of our Switzerland tour packages. All the highlights which make your vacation unique, brag as the promising features of this land. So, just be ready to become a part of a lifetime travel story with us and consider our services for traveling, exploring and celebrating life.

Best Time to Visit Switzerland

With a moderate clime which changes with the altitude, summer is the best time to visit Switzerland. Both May and October are perfect for encountering the greatest of both seasons, the appealing summer and the snowfall of winter. In Switzerland, the summers provide panoramic views of the wide floral greenery of the nation, adorned by local festivals, making it ideal particularly for the Switzerland honeymoon packages. In December’s snowy winters to March, the country becomes a paradise for snow sports from ice-skating, skiing to snowboarding. In case you wish to make your Switzerland tour packages adventure-filled, we recommend you to visit the country after December for some excellent winter sports activities like trekking, snow tubing, snow-shoe trekking, etc.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland

Of all the destinations which our Switzerland tour packages have to provide, the honeymoon destinations of Switzerland are possibly the most common among travelers provided the romance related to them. However, there are lots of more places for exploring also, with something which would attract each type of tourist.

1. Geneva: Among all the places to visit in Switzerland, Geneva is, possibly, the most charming. Draped on Lake Geneva’s shores with the Alps creating the city’s background, Geneva is one of the best spots to stay in Switzerland. It’s a city with the huge Palais des Nations, windows bedecked with flowers, the bohemian Carouge neighborhood, and the Jet d’Eau which sprays 140m above Lake Geneva. You can take a cruise on the beautiful lake which offers the city its name and can visit the Red Cross International Museum. Also explore the Place de Neuve which is a house to the Musee Rath, an ornate conservatory, and theater.

2. Zurich: Foreboding banks, Alps, and Clock towers; Zurich is typically Swiss whereas also unusually cosmopolitan. This is the largest city in Switzerland and houses more than 100 galleries and museums and also a growing café culture. Among all the destinations to visit on our Switzerland tour packages, Zurich is always at the top of the list with its picturesque beauty and heritage. Visit the Landesmuseum, the biggest museum of the Swiss history in the globe and the Fraumunster Church which allures many travelers daily with its exclusive stained-glass windows. Also worth including to your Switzerland holiday packages are the conventional Old Town, the Beyer Watch Museum, and the Bahnhofstrasse, a great shopping district which competes against the New York’s Fifth Avenue and Champs Elysees.

3. Interlaken: Lied under the shadows of Mönch, Eiger, and Jungfrau, Interlaken city is beautiful as a picture. Interlaken means ‘between lakes’ and it refers to its location between two lakes namely Brienz and Thun. An incredible combination of mountains and lakes, the resort town has been a backbone of Switzerland trips. Besides the mountains and lakes, Interlaken is popular for its historic hotels which once hosted European intelligentsia and royalty. Nevertheless, more recently, it has come to be popular for its adventure activities. Interlaken is one of the best spots in Switzerland for trying base jumping, hiking, sailing, sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and skydiving.

4. Bern: The existing capital of Switzerland, Bern is also one of the most amazing spots to explore in Switzerland. The insufficiency of popularity among the coach gatherings adds to an unspoiled, unique charm you won’t ever possibly find anywhere else in the alpine country. A revived way of life features performers on the cobbled stoned streets, outdoor lunches, and afternoon dips in the river. There are many things to do at Bern for the daily tourists. Explore the Museum of Fine Arts, the former home of Albert Einstein, the Bundeshaus or Federal Palace of Switzerland, and the Berne Historical Museum for a glance of Swiss history. You can do many fun things in Bern but our most favorites are a trip to the Bear Park that’s the home to the mascots of the city, swimming in the Aare River, a trek up the Gurten which promises panoramic views of the lookout towers, the city of Berne, and festivals each weekend.

5. Lucerne: Switzerland is not very low on photogenic places; however, Lucerne is not like anything you’ll ever see. An intricacy of cobblestoned lanes, medieval churches, frescoed walls, and cafes; Lucerne is one of the most incredible places in Switzerland. The city overflows the banks of Lake Lucerne, a turquoise colored lake which was once frequented by Mark Twain, Goethe, and Queen Victoria. In Lucerne, one of the most famous places is the Chapel Bridge which is a part of almost all Switzerland tour packages. Named the Kapellbrücke, the covered bridge of the 16th century also boasts a stone water tower and painted triangular frames. We also suggest you a visit to the world popular Rosengart Collection which is home to the modern masterpieces by Miró, Cezanne, and Picasso, the Richard Wagner Museum, and the Lion Monument, often named the most shifting piece of stone in the globe.

6. St Moritz: St Moritz showers sophistication, glamour, and luxury. It’s a resort town which has hosted the famous and rich since the 1800s and it displays. This town is complete with grand hotels, couture boutiques, and great eateries. You don’t need to be royalty for adding St Moritz to you Switzerland tour packages. The town’s incredible sunrise on Piz Nair, frozen lakes, ski slopes, and hiking trails are open to all. Nevertheless, it’s spa culture makes it highly popular. St Moritz grew to prominence due to its mineral springs. The spas of St Moritz, one of the greatest attractions in Switzerland provide mud packs, mineral spring baths, and a wide range of exclusive health therapies.

What’s more?

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