Mauritius Packages: Get The Best Vacation Planned By Utazzo!

Regular traveling can be tiresome for you but with our affordable tour packages, we can make your tour much more relaxing. We really mean it! If your tour destination is a serene island like Mauritius, we are sure you would become more excited. With various cultural highlights and pristine vistas, this travel spot has become a must-visit place among the travel-enthusiasts coming from all across India. Our Mauritius packages help you get indulged in the amazing nature’s beauty while tasting its yummy local meal at the popular eateries.

If you want to encounter an unforgettable trip, Mauritius is the ideal destination which highlights authentic resort getaways and comfortable environment. Our Mauritius holiday packages are waiting to offer you and your partner everything which can be a part of an all-inclusive Mauritius honeymoon package. You can experience more leisure in Mauritius than any other place. Its soothing aura and lovely ambiance will create a great combination for a heavenly bond which you share with your beloved.

At Utazzo, Mauritius holiday packages from India are customized intricately to offer you a great holiday. We grow with every trip; hence, this particular trip with your spouse can help you get the extra special with our Mauritius packages for newlyweds. The hues of this land’s dusks and dawns are noteworthy like a painting. Painted in blue and green strokes with completely new turquoise and aqua hues, this travel island is a picturesque place to capture your memories of the new journey. While searching for the best Mauritius packages for honeymoon couples, the charm of romance simply flows into the heart.

The Best Season to Visit Mauritius

The weather in Mauritius is favorable all year round. However, winter is the season when lots of travelers come to this place. From October to April is the holiday season filled with tourists. Nevertheless, from May to December is the perfect time to visit Mauritius due to its sunny, cool, and dry weather.

You can experience sun-drenched days, fresh seafood, and some of the best beaches in Africa with our Mauritius holiday packages all inclusive. This island highlights a tropical climate with warm weather all year round. In fact, from May to October, in winter, the temperature becomes pleasant enough. From November to April, amid summer, the days are humid and hot. Ignore cyclone-prone monsoons (from January to March).

Top Places to Visit in Mauritius

Let’s have a look at some places which are a must-visit on our Mauritius packages:

  • The Rodrigues Island – Secluded off the mainland, this island is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and scenic peach-tinged sands with a volcanic vibe, in a mountainous backdrop. This island vitalizes the character of a forgotten, lost land secluded from civilization in a nice setting.
  • Port Louis – Port Louis is a busy city with a promising central market, colonial buildings, and China Town which offers a warm welcome to travelers visiting this city for their trip. This is the economic, political, and cultural center of the island. You can shop for some vegetables, exotic fruits, souvenirs, local handicrafts, and spices from the markets in this city.
  • Grand Bassin – Also named as the Ganga Talao, Grand Bassin is a secluded land in the mountains. This is a pristine and holy lake for the residents of Mauritius of Hindu faith. This lake is considered to be a traditional, holy site and one of the prime tourist spots in Mauritius. There is also a temple with the highest statue of Lord Shiva in entire Mauritius.
  • Charamel Colored Earth – In this geographical marvel, seven colored clay is found. This is one of the prime travel destinations of our Mauritius packages.
  • Grand Bay – Also named as Grand Baie, it is situated in Mauritius’ western region. This fun-filled, small village has some popular eateries and shopping centers. It has a vibrant nightlife where you can enjoy night outs with your friends. Make sure to visit this place if you are on a vacation with your family or loved one.

Things to Explore In Mauritius

Water activities are a crucial feature of our Mauritius packages. From parasailing to biking, sea kayaking, and water ski, Mauritius is popular for its water activities in the water wonderland which are the major things to add to your Mauritius packages.

  • Water skiing in the calm water is a fun-filled activity, alongside sea hovering and windsurfing.
  • Cave sea kayaking comprises the exploration of unpopular small islands and caves of the coast. If you paddle across the water from Pointe Aux Sable, you can find the amazing rock caves and stunning basalt rock gardens.
  • Parasailing lets you lose yourself in the lagoon’s turquoise water and capture a stunning view of its vastness.
  • Swimming with dolphins on the west coast is a famous activity for the travelers and a crucial highlight of our Mauritius holiday packages from India.
  • Skydiving is an exceptional thing to explore in Mauritius. Tandem skydiving is famous here and it’s a heavenly experience for the tourists. Our Mauritius packages offer this adrenaline rushing activity for sure.

What’s more?

Without wasting a moment, be ready to go for a trip to Mauritius with our Mauritius packages. We are providing you an opportunity to explore this African gem with the serene sandy beaches. With ample attractions, sandy beaches, alongside shopping, nightlife, and eateries, our Mauritius packages are made to satisfy you.