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Everyday stress and the monotony often leave one craving for a relaxing holiday. Whether you plan to travel alone or as a couple or with the entire family, a well-planned holiday is always the best thing to make your experience a pleasant one.

If you are bored of the regular beach and city holidays, it is tough to decide the ideal destination. Ever given a thought about going to China for a holiday?

From the bling of city life to the glimpses past well adorned with natural beauty and mesmerizing backdrops, a China tour package has it all to let you enjoy a wonderful holiday and enchant you with delightful stories. China is a beautiful and well-planned destination that has a little bit of all elements.

Are you a heritage enthusiast? Does history intrigue you? Would you like to witness modernity that still reflects stories of the past?

If the answer to the above is yes, China tours are indeed ideal for you. It is a great idea to book your China holiday package with utazzo to avail a comprehensive package with the best facilities.

What is up on offer:

When you signup for a China holiday package with Utazzo, you can leave all worries and booking hassles to us. All you need to concentrate upon is packing your bags and grabbing your camera to capture the best moments on your trip to China.

Here is what you get along with your China itinerary:

  1. An all-inclusive comprehensive package that contains trips to the most beautiful places in China as well as transfers and air- tickets
  2. Amazing tour guides to stay with you and help you explore China Tourist places the best way.
  3. Local experience with ample opportunities to interact with locals and also meals at local Chinese households.
  4. Awesome food as well as directions on the best eating joints for authentic food
  5. The best accommodation options with the best facilities and in close proximity to best China Tourist places
  6. The best deals and prices to suit your budget

While this may not be your first holiday, it will indeed be a memorable one where you will enjoy all aspects of China. Trust us, it entails all elements of your bucket list and will also make everyone jealous with the pictures you will come back with.

Below are the most beautiful destinations in China that you will explore on your China Tour:

  1. Beijing: This is the capital of China that has the 2nd highest population in the world. It is the perfect mix of ancient architecture along with modern buildings. It features the best of history and its emergence as a grand metropolis makes it the most visited destination in China. You must visit this place to witness the modernity striving alongside a greatly preserved history.
  2. Xian: If history intrigues and attracts you, Xian is bliss. It is a showcase of all the changes in China right from the beginning. Visiting Xian is as good as reading a history book with the perfect documentation of it all. It is witness to the birth of the civilization of China and boasts amazing tourist places in China such as Terracotta Warriors and other 300 years old heritage sites.
  3. Shanghai: If you want to experience what modern China looks like, Shanghai is the place to be. With overflowing energy and modern charm, it truly depicts the development in China. All Shanghai tourist places will mesmerize you beyond doubt. You can visit the Bund and grab spectacular glimpses of ships trailing on the river or just get lost amidst the kaleidoscopic architectural styles. You can catch up with the public vibe by watching the crowds at People’s square. You can also take home amazing fabrics or tailored garments from the fabric market at steal prices. And to top it all, the numerous pubs and voguish bars and restaurants offer a great opportunity to explore the nightlife in China.
  4. Lhasa: Literally meaning, ’the place of gods’, Lhasa has been the centre of Tibetan Buddhists for over 1000 years now. It is better known as the city of wonders. A Lhasa tour is the perfect opportunity to enjoy these wonders and peace. The red and white Potala palace stands conspicuously right above the pious city. The essence of Tibetan life is reflected well in the beautifully whitewashed ancient Tibetan quarters. You can go and get lost in the glittering butter lamps, soothing incense, and lively pilgrims. You will indeed fall in love with the beautiful blende.
  5. Chengdu: With a wide range of experiences upon offer, the Gateway to the westmost of China is a delight for both new and experienced travelers. It has lately been gaining a lot of popularity in all travel enthusiasts. You will instantly fall in love with the rejuvenating teahouse culture of the city and the vibrant nightlife and luscious and spicy food. The culture is immersed in cuisine that is a major attraction for foodies. The city undoubtedly is climbing the heights of modernization with hi-tech startups setting their base here but it still preserves the laid-back ambiance. A Chengdu tour is the best way to experience city vibes as well as old world relaxation.

If you have decided to explore the frills and Thrill of China, a China Tour package from Utazzo is perfect for you. We promise unlimited adventure and a stress-free holiday.