Make a Worthwhile Trip with Utazzo’s Bhutan Tour Package

Bhutan, a happy yet mysterious country of the world, hides lots of mysteries in each heart and soul of its people. It’s our adorable neighbor with whom we share many things but we are separated by a border only. If you cross the border, you can enter a parallel universe. Anybody, who looks for a Bhutan tour package online, notices whether everything is organized by the tour company. Bhutanese are disciplined and warm-hearted; hence, none breaks any rule here. This nation’s cleanliness and neatness will attract you first for visiting this country. Any tourist from India would love to visit this small brother of India. A Bhutan package from Delhi takes you on a trip which showcases this specific factor intricately.

Here at Utazzo, we include these concepts for framing customized Bhutan holiday package available for every tourist. Here, the residents’ politeness showcases a deep pride in their tradition and culture of Bhutan. Each and every aspect of this nation is loved and respected by them. The relationship of Bhutan with India is so strong that the trade and the whole connections are continuously developing and progressing. Whether it’s the ancient temples or the Himalayas’ mountain peaks, the serene green woods or the peaceful Buddhist monasteries, our Bhutan tour package incorporates a great travel experience for everybody. We prioritize your choice, be it for leisure or for adventure, for a special purpose like a honeymoon or only a small vacation, for a wish to travel with family or alone, and everything of it is made possible with Utazzo.

The Best Time to Visit Bhutan

If you are planning to buy our Bhutan tour package or thinking about choosing a Bhutan honeymoon package to go on a Bhutan tour with your loved one, October to December is the best season for visiting Bhutan. The sky is clear and air fresh during this time. Between January and February, the weather gets colder and if you prefer the frost, you can have a good time. Choose our Bhutan tour package amid late spring to explore the scenery of the stunning rhododendrons bloom which fulfills the valley with vibrant colors.

Flourishing nature, simple lifestyle, vibrant culture, and pleasant weather–all these make Bhutan a perfect holiday destination all over the year. Each season has a different hue to show, which makes you fall in love with the place. While the temple and the stupas will offer you an architectural elegance, Bhutan tourism makes you consider on its holy side. This is a peaceful place in nature’s arms. This can be the most important purpose to choose Utazzo’s well-organized and tailor-made Bhutan tour package so you can spend some peaceful time with your friends, family or loved one.

Top Places to Visit in Bhutan

1. Laya Village – This trek place is perfect for the adventure lovers. Laya Village is located at 3800m altitude and offers stunning views due to its exclusive prevalent culture. If you are ready for the Snow Leopard Trek or the Grand Snowman Trek, you will certainly touch upon this place. You may customize our Bhutan tour package accordingly to enjoy the Owlay festival which occurs once every 3 years.

2. Dochula Pass – It is situated along the way Thimphu towards Punakha. Dochula Pass is a famous tourist destination due to the Himalayan Mountains’ noteworthy 360 degrees panoramic views. Ensure to visit the place on a winter day when the sky is clear to take pleasure the beauty of snow-covered mountain peaks that offer mesmerizing scenery decorating this mountain pass.

3. Taktsang Lhakhang – This is one of the sacred places to visit in Bhutan and an iconic landmark as well. This holy temple was established in 1692 at a cave’s site where Guru Rimpoche mediated once back in the 7th century. After that, this cave has been pondered as a sacred site. You will require trekking for almost 2-3 hours to reach this temple. The best fact of this temple is that it’s surrounded by beautiful and shady pine forests. Any Bhutan tour package is just incomplete without a visit to this notable holy place.

4. Gasa Dzong – It’s a fortress which functioned as a defense barrack amid the 17th century. Its local name is Tashi Thingmon Dzong which is taken from the name of the protecting deity of this country, Tashi Thingmon. It’s an exclusive circular shaped establishment with 3 watchtowers that are situated in the structure’s strategic points. To enjoy the magnificence of Gasa Dzong, ensure to visit this place on a clear sky day. Check out our Bhutan tour package to know the best time to visit this place on a Bhutan trip.

5. Semtokha Dzong – This establishment is made in a different style with a watchtower that has 12 sides to it. There are various religious figures, many paintings of Buddha, and deities in this fortress that are carved with complete details. We provide the best Bhutan tour package that incorporates such great tourist attractions for you for visiting.

Adventurous Activities to Explore in Bhutan

If you love trek, you can go for a climb to Tiger’s Nest Monastery and if you are a bird lover, you cannot miss out the Tibetan black-necked cranes. Trekking under the Himalayan peaks, gazing through the huge landscapes, taking a stroll with the hillsides; our Bhutan tour package can excite you in every way.

On our Bhutan holiday package, make sufficient time to experience the region’s mesmerizing flora and fauna. The forests and the unmatched efforts of the state will inspire and dazzle you for flourishing the vegetation.

What’s more?

There is much more to explore in this beautiful Indian neighbor country. In case you have a plan to buy a Bhutan package from Delhi, get in touch with us at Utazzo and we ensure to make your Bhutan tour experience noteworthy.