The Best Bali Tour Packages to Explore the World’s Best Island

One of the best tourist attractions in the world, Bali has been rated as an unbeatable tourist attraction by the International Travel magazine. This place is the purest culmination between God, human and its bespoke environment. This makes Bali vacations one of the most sought-after vacations in the world.

The most appealing factor of Bali is its long chain of events in history ranging down to a pre-historic era or the ice age era. The Balinese culture is the perfect representation of an expressive and robust civilization dominated by religion, solidarity, and aesthetic values. Now it has developed along with the economic, technology and science. 

With a perennial sunshine, Bali has a tropical monsoon climate with a welcoming day temperature ranging between 20 to 33 degrees. When the west monsoon brings a generous rainfall with high humidity. June to September is considered the driest season and optimal time for outdoor activities. With something unique in the climate of Bali, Bukit the south hill of Jimbaran experiences sunny days even in rainy season. You can experience the abounding bliss on a well-planned Bali tour package. You can also spend quality time with your loved one at the first holiday together by booking honeymoon holidays in Bali.

Just like any tropical island, in Bali, you will find a diversified flora and fauna. Huge banyan trees covering the villages of this alluring island and meanwhile you can also view the beauty of mangroves, flame trees and acacia along the south coastline. The flower species are the surprising element of this place. Here you can witness the hibiscus, water lilies, jasmine, and bougainvillaea. An assortment of orchids is found outside the gardens and front yards along roads and on temple grounds.

Bali holiday packages are the best way to spread the fragrance and shades of these gorgeous blooms of Bali in your life. Dancing in the rich fauna of Bali is the amazing wildlife and up to 300 species of birds. This island is occupied with cuckoos, egrets, wood swallows, blue kingfishers, dollar bird, sandpiper, and the famous but endangered Bali starlings. A Bali trip is the best way to ogle at these beauties and satiate your appetite for biodiversity. The underwater world of Bali tour package entices many tourists with various species of dolphins, sunfish, shark and inhabited colourful corals, small reel fish, and sponges. The Balinese rituals and culture are wholly dependent on the existence of this flora and fauna.  A Bali vacation is enough to amaze you with the best kept secrets of the world that this stunning destination beholds.

Bali is an enchanting destination that has something for everybody. Whether you are a solo traveller, a group of friends or a family with kids, a Bali vacation will not fail to delight you with its overflowing charm. An if you are a couple, Bali is bliss for you. With awesome honeymoon Bali packages you can spend lovely time with your significant other amidst all the natural beauty and delight.

Bali honeymoon packages from India are planned well by Utazzo that specializes in Bali packages from Delhi and lets you holiday in peace as all the arrangements are taken care by travel experts who design Bali itineraries based on the best things to do in Bali and your personal preferences.

How to Reach Bali

With increasing connectivity service to Bali from various parts of the world, it has become convenient to reach Bali. Numerous direct flights are available from Australia, Europe, and many Asian countries. Cruise off-shores are another beguiling way apart from regular ferries from Java and Lombok. You can also choose the by road option from Java. Cheap Bali packages are available and let you enjoy the beauty without bothering to make the arrangements.

Below are the Ideal Things to do on a Bali Package

Tanah Lot Temple

It is considered as the iconic attraction point perching on the top of the rock enveloped with the constant crashing sea waves on its base. One of the sacred temples of Bali, Tanah lot pays homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. Moreover, it serves as a foreground to an arresting picturesque view of the sunset. From this point, you can stroll towards the tropical landscape which is a pathway to Batu Bolong, another sea temple perching on a rock outcrop.

Always remember to dress respectfully in a strong and a sash when visiting the temples of Bali.

Uluwatu temple

This one rests on the edge of a cliff in the southwest of Bukit peninsula. Here you can capture the alluring sunsets like that of Tanah Lot. One can also witness the monkeys forest located at the borders of temple ground.

Ubud monkey forest

A 10 minutes’ walk away from central Ubud there is situated a Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, which is a must-see for animal lovers. Besides an entertaining view of long-tailed macaques, there is a large part of evocative jungle appealing to the photographers and animal lovers to witness the free roam of the monkeys. This forest is built to represent the coexistence of humans with the monkeys and also as a research point to examine the behavior of monkeys and their social interactions.

While visiting this forest, make sure your valuable items are secured and avoid direct contact with the animals, as it is interpreted as a sign of aggression.  

Tegallalang rice terrace

Ubud is another celebrated point of attraction of Bali tour package famous for its expanded rice fields. You can also find many small shops edging at the street offering different items and some gorgeous restaurants offering a great dine-in view.

Ubud art market

Locals call it as Pasar Seni Ubud. It is located just opposite to the Saren Royal Ubud Palace. From rich silk scarves to lightweight shirts, baskets, hats and what not everything can be purchased under this beautiful street shop.  

Kintamani and Mount Batur

Located in Karangasem regency is the attractive Kintamani, an abode for Mount Batur and Caldera Lake. This is a favourite stopover on every Bali tour Package. The name Penelokan refers to scenic stopover in Balinese. The active volcano of Mount Batur has erupted 24 times since the year 1800 and has every time redesigned the surrounding landscape of this place beautifully. 

Bali Safari and Marine Park

One of the largest animal theme park, it is a home for over 60 species roaming freely within their enclosures mimicking their natural habitats. Bus safaris are there to take the visitors on a tour. Regular animal talent shows are held, which attracts a number of visitors to this park.

Goa Gajah

Literally means the elephant's cave, this archaeological site holds a historical significance. Situated on the edge of Bedulu village, just 6 km away from central Ubud you would not need more than an hour to reach here. This relic filled courtyard and enticing rock wall cravings, fountain and meditational cave mark the beauty of Bali. 

Waterbom Bali

This action-packed water park is located at the heart of Kuta. A perfect Bali tour package holds something extravagant for every family member. Adults can zoom down on the twisted slides like Python, Super Bowl or Green Viper and kids, on the other hand, can experience the splashing swimming pools or just sway in the lazy river.

Restaurants and cafes are equipped with varieties of dishes to cater to every diet. The ground is landscaped with big shady trees to give a refreshing respite from the scorching heat.

Seminyak shopping

Shopping in Bali is an extravaganza because of the rich designers residing along the Seminyak. These innovative designers have everything to offer from furniture to jewelry, swimsuits homewares and much more. Top boutiques like Bamboo Blonde, Kody & Ko, Magali Pascal and Biasa are selling colorful and quirky designed homewares. Whereas Sea Gypsy and Drifter Surfer Shop have affordable jewelry and a huge collection of swimwear, respectively.

Nusa Island

If your soul is in a deep want of a slow-paced Bali without any traffic or tourist touts, then Nusa Island is the place you are looking for. About 20 km away from Sanur you can easily reach here with help of a speedboat. Devil’s Tears, Mushroom Bay, and Dream Beach are the top attractions of this Bali tour package

Sekumpul Waterfall

Towards the north of Bali in Singaraja, there is the refreshing Sekumpul waterfall, a series of seven waterfalls bristling around many rice terraces it continues through the tropical jungles of Bali. As you need to hike down from the river, it might be slippery at first but once reaching the base you can cool off with the rejuvenating base of the falls. This is the greatest adventure for the nature lovers who would like to quench their thirst of wild Bali.

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