Gift Yourself a Perfect Holiday Retreat with Utazzo’s Havelock Island Tour Packages

Have you visited a paradise on this earth? Well, you can consider Havelock Island a small paradise that is amazingly designed by the domestic and international travelers who visit Andaman and Nicobar every year. It’s a place where you can walk over the sun-drenched beaches under the transparent sky. In South Asia, this is one of the most serene islands. Opt for Utazzo’s Havelock island tour packages to explore this paradise in a cost-effective way.

Our elegantly tailored Havelock island packages provide a relaxing tour that will soothe your eyes with the exotic natural beauty. Encounter the diversified marine life and bask in the sunshine for which Havelock is popular across the web. A trip to Havelock takes you to the most visited tourist attractions and you will love it for sure.

Havelock trip is perfect to spend a family holiday or honeymoon. You can spend a great leisure time with your loved ones. All prime attractions in Havelock will be covered by us in Havelock island tour packages. This picturesque spot is the best place to spend quality time and make memorable moments for a lifetime by booking our Havelock island tour package.

Best Time to Visit Havelock Island

During the months of October and April are the best times to visit Havelock Island. The winter months start from October to February and this time, many newlyweds visit the island. The temperature and weather are pleasant and romantic in this season. March and April are summer months in Havelock and a perfect time for exploring different water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. During these months the temperature is between 28-30 degrees Celsius and is quite pleasant for a holiday vacation.

Top Tourist Attractions in Havelock Island

Havelock has many things to provide alongside the serene smooth beaches edged with a lush-green canopy of the rainforests verdicts everybody for enjoying the cobalt seas. Once you book our Havelock island packages, you won’t have time for you for thinking of anything else except for its natural serenity you’ll find yourself amidst and the water sports which await you. The affluence of marine life across Havelock provides an opulent and enriched variety of diverse scuba diving sites. Aside from azure marine life and sandy beaches at your footstep, you are also going to enjoy the splendid elephant rides, kayaking, game fishing, bird watching experiences, and so forth. In a nutshell, this island is a true piece of heaven on earth, a great place with lots of things to offer for everybody.

  1. Radhanagar Beach: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and every year many tourists visit this gem of Havelock Island. Here, you can experience the lush-green tropical forests and wide blue water. All in all, the sighs are possibly awe-inspiring when you reach the beach. This smooth, silky beach is a great place for kids and families as they can spend a perfect vacation here. Coastguards are always present around the beach to protect the families. Our Havelock island tour package itinerary definitely includes this serene beach.
  2. Vijaynagar Beach: If you are a photographer, you must visit this small piece of paradise. This beach is located in the northeastern part of Havelock. It’s quite remote from the gathered areas on Havelock and is close to heart for people who want to spend quality moments in the peaceful regions. The sandy beach and sapphire blue water make no noise and this is why many honeymooners choose this place. So, come to this place, roam freely and enjoy the shallow water while having sunbathing. This majestic attraction of Havelock is ideal to sit back and relax for some days.
  3. Kalapathar Beach: This beach is popular for its abundant black stones which are the gorgeous beauty on Havelock. Thick greenery has surrounded the entire beach and if you love the utmost calmness, you must visit the place. Due to its peaceful ambiance, couples and newlyweds especially love this place.

Things to Do In Havelock Island

Once you arrive in Havelock, you can enjoy different water sports activities under the guard’s supervision. Some exciting activities include game fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and so forth. While performing scuba diving, you will get a scope to enjoy the ocean’s marine aquatic life. The colorful marine life will attract you to visit the place again and again.

Are You Ready To Explore A Marine Life With Utazzo?

Utazzo offers the budget-friendly Havelock island tour packages by providing the local tour guides to guide you and cover the prime destinations in Havelock. So, it’s time to plan your Havelock tour and involve with our Havelock island packages at cost-effective rates!