Your Journey to Paradise - Book an Andaman Tour Packages 

India’s most well-kept beauty amidst the endless sea, the group of mesmerizing islands, Andaman often give the illusion that they blend with the sea. Beautifully sun-kissed, enchanting shorelines and the alluring backdrop of blue sky make for the bewitching horizon that gives a feeling of paradise. As the wind careers your hair, you feel bliss befall right in no man’s land uninterrupted by the hustle bustle of cities or the maddening crowds. An Andaman trip is undoubtedly the best you can ever take in your life. With a lot to take back home, from the tales of the sea to the history of cellular jail, it will be one of the most unforgettable trips of your life.

Clear turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, water sports, luscious seafood, and friendly locals make it the perfect getaway away from the mainland. It is a good idea to skip the planning and sign up for one of the Andaman tour packages that are carefully designed to offer you the best of the islands as well as comfortable stay options.

The Best Time to Explore Heaven on Earth - Andaman Island

Andaman holiday packages can be booked around the year and offer an enchanting all-around experience that includes the best of Andaman and insights into its culture and tribal inhabitations. The best time to take Andaman holiday packages is from November to February when it is neither too hot not too cold. While the weather is humid, you will not be bothered by the scorching heat.

During winters you can make the best water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking etc. It is also an amazing spot for watching birds and sightseeing. You can also grab a great insight into the local culture by participating in the annual festival that is held in December and January.

How to Reach- Your Ride to Delight:

You can access Andamans through the capital Port Blair that can be reached by both air and water. An Andaman vacation package can be booked from all major cities and you can access port Blair by air or take a ship from the major port towns.

Places to Visit in Andaman

Below are the wonders and nature’s gifts that Andaman is thoroughly blessed with. Every tourist must visit these to get the best out of their trip:

  1. Mangroves on the Baratang island: If you thought Andamans are only about beaches, you are certainly mistaken, here is another side of Andamans waiting to be explored. A dense forest cover and the mesmerizing limestone caves are just a jetty ride away from the sea. If your Andaman tour package doesn’t have it on the plan, accommodate it in, you will not regret your decision.
  2. An active volcano on Barren island: It is one of the restricted areas in Andaman and the only volcano in the Sumatra to Myanmar stretch. It is an active volcano that can be accessed with a special permit and is uninhabited by humans. If you are adventurous enough, you can include it in your Andaman vacation package and dare to go where very few do.
  3. Cellular jail: A slice of Indian history, a visit to the cellular jail is probably the first thing on your mind when you plan a trip to Andamans. The famous jail in Port Blair is a great learning opportunity about India’s struggles of the past. The light and sound show is not only very entertaining but also pretty informative.
  4. Havelock island: Crystal clear waters, amazing water sports an opportunity to see vast underwater life, Havelock is indeed paradise. The beautiful resorts will invite you but the waters and natural beauty will captivate you with its charm. A great destination for all kinds of travelers, Havelock island is a must visit on your tour to Andamans.
  5. Neil Island: Quaint, uncrowded and untouched Neil island is not only home to gorgeous beaches but the powerhouse of splendid silence. You can get lost in love with your partner here or just enjoy some alone time. It features some mesmerizing waters and sun-kissed sands along with lovely backdrops of lush greenery.
  6. Ross Island: A picturesque island with lovely fortress and oodles of rustic charm. It is not just a history filled joy but an awesome photo opportunity. You can spend a who day here looking at the beauty and rustic remains and taking some drool-worthy pictures.
  7. Bird Island: Here is your best bet to enjoy some exotic species of birds that you have never seen before.  It is not only a great time with nature but also some time to cherish.
  8. Radhanagar Beach: Rated as Asia’s most beautiful beach, the Radhanagar beach features white sand and crystal clear waters. You will be mesmerized by this god created beauty. It is a visual delight for all tourists and famous for its spellbinding sunsets.
  9. And a lot more

Things to do in Andaman

Andaman will indulge you in delights right from the time you set your foot in the heavenly land. Below are some amazing activities that you can indulge in and make the best of your Andaman tour package:

  1. Go bird watching
  2. Watch the light and sound show at the cellular jail
  3. Indulge in water sports or just go for a glass-bottomed boat ride
  4. Explore the Corals by scuba diving
  5. Take pictures at the old fortress on Ross Island
  6. Snorkel on the seabed
  7. Enjoy the thrill of jetty rides for inter-island transfer
  8. Watch the sunset at the most pristine beaches
  9. Take a cruise trip
  10. Relish the mesmerizing beauty

Andaman tour packages at Utazzo are planned in the best possible way to include all the best that Andaman has to offer. All the island transfers and transports managed along with awesome cuisines right in your platter. Book an Andaman tour package today and get ready to experience heaven.