Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Australia – Queensland, Coastal Beaches and More!

Choice Galore in one of the world’s best honeymoon Destinations in Australia, the list because it offers numerous fun options, be it an adventure, romantic holiday, or for nature lovers. If you love food or wine, or just want to soak in the beautiful water bodies and greenery, Australia IS the place to honeymoon.

One of the best Honeymoon destinations in Australia, the great outdoors. Known for its unique terrain, culture, and diversity in people, one is spoilt with the choice ranging from beautiful pristine beaches, Barrier Reefs to rugged mountains and snow-filled valleys to choose for their romantic rendezvous.

Popular and vibrant places like Sydney (most populous city of Australia), Melbourne, and Perth have their own charm, rich heritage and famous tourist spots with picturesque sidewalks and cafes and amazing nightlife experiences, providing a perfect setting for a lavish honeymoon.

For nature lovers there is Queensland with its serene rain-forests and coastal beaches – the famous Great Barrier Reef (the world’s largest coral reef and one of the seven natural wonders in the world) and Whit Sundays Islands (a total 74 islands out of which only eight are inhabited providing the perfect privacy for your romantic honeymoon). One can walk on the white pristine sand beaches, snorkel around and discover the magical marine life below or just spend the whole day looking at the spectacular views of the blue waters, enjoying the beautiful sunsets, making it a perfect setting for a beautiful honeymoon experience. (Best time to visit: June to November)

New South Wales on the eastern coast of Australia has its own allure of long coastline, panoramic Blue Mountains, and snow-filled valleys. It also has many attractions for tourists like the Australian Reptile Park, Billabong Zoo, Koala and Wildlife Park, Jenolan caves (one of the spectacular cave systems in Australia) and Pebbly Beach (home of the surfing kangaroos) etc.

Victoria in the south is known for its culture and food and wines. One of the famous places to visit here is the Yarra Valley, known for pleasant weather outdoor and aquatic activities. Best time to visit this place: June to September

Tasmania, a little far away from the mainland is known for its vast reserves, serene surroundings and lush tropical forests. Best time to visit Tasmania is between October to May.

Another place worth visiting is Kimberley, a plateau region with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, valleys, gorges and rugged mountains making it a worthwhile visit as part of your honeymoon trip. Best time to visit Kimberley for your honeymoon is between April to October

With so much to choose from, Australia indeed is a destination worth exploring. Quickly book your vacation through Utazzo and make it once in a lifetime experience of your beautiful honeymoon vacation